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Business demands constant interaction between internal resources, clients, partners and vendors. Persons with whom companies work can be placed anywhere in the world and it is often not possible to meet with them face to face. By using high resolution technologies it is possible to enjoy the video conference architecture that is offering a new experience of global communication. Visual communication is, in fact, most efficient way of interaction inside the group, or in 1 on 1 context, and from the moment when it has become a platform which is simpler in respect to implementation and cheaper in respect to management, it is rapidly becoming the primary means of communication within companies. Telepresence is a most natural video communication. It is a productive and fascinating experience which allows you to gather the whole work team. Lighting, TV camera and microphones are designed for simple and easy use. The acceptance of this, new, technological tendency incudes new way of operation and thanks to that , it is possible to communicate more often, it is possible to share documents and information within real time frame, which , as a consequence brings improvement in respect to results and decision making speed, hence, enabling productivity and company growth.   

In a global business world it is very important that your employees communicate efficiently from different locations and time zones. Your target is to keep telephoning and traveling costs on a low level, and, at the same time, to increase process efficiency and decision making. You, thereby, do not have to give up the efficient cooperation offered by face to face contact. Virtual meetings using video conference can improve your team efficiency regardless of how remote they physically are. These solutions should be more profitable and, at the same time, simpler for use and easily available from various devices and endpoints. In case these conditions would not be fulfilled your users would adopt these solutions to slow. Conference solutions can help you to maximize utilization of your existing technology, improve performances and reduce costs by using your own network structures, as well as, specific arrangements and connectivity agreements.

Possibilities of video conference are available to companies and organizations more than ever before. Days of bad video quality, interrupted connections and long waiting time have long gone. Video has matured. Available and reliable, the video solution that we offer delivers a promise that you, your colleagues and your clients will together be present in one room. We have made availability of audio and high resolution video, thought a lot and made research on the way the people would like to use it. All of this has brought us to creating a video solution moving from desktop to mobile implementations and all the way to complete room systems and supreme immersive TelePresence solutions

Cisco TelePresence Server

  • Support of Cisco Pervasive Conferencing strategy key possibilities
  • High-quality, flexible 360p-to-full-HD multiparty video conference and collaboration
  • Assist users to access meeting by using  Cisco WebEx Meeting Center client or video conference systems
  • Flexible implementation options (chassis or device), there is also a virtualization option
  • Compatible with third-party standards based endpoints for multipoint calls

Cisco TelePresence Conductor

  • Simplified telepresence conference
  • Easier, smarter and more profitable video conference experience
  • Distribution of resources for optimal multipoint video conference
  • Support in respect to conference virtualization and personalization

Cisco TelePresence Content Server

  • Captures video and live streaming presentations and video on-demand (VOD) viewing
  • Compatible with  Cisco TelePresence systems or third-party standards-based video devices
  • Supports Active Directory authentication through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Allows for basic video and editing and sharing functionality using a simple web interface.
  • Virtualized or as a device supports clustering