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Within the work environment including large amount of e-mails and numerous long-lasting phone calls, instant communications have become technology that is necessary for many enterprises. Connecting individuals or a group in a real time through instant communications provides your employees to participate and contribute as much as it is needed, while not being disturbed in performing their current business tasks. At the same time, oral communication misunderstandings are, in that way, eliminated and narration can be filed in archives for future needs.  

Chat applications present the core of your organization stability in the sense of communication and cooperation, both internal and with clients and partners. Minimal time of delay and high availability of your infrastructure are of critical significance. However, development, administration and management of instant communications system can send valuable and expensive resources. Instant communication solutions enhance business efficiency through an integrated approach and reduce costs by optimizing your infrastructure. This is achieved by developing, integrating and managing platforms for e-mail, instant communications, presence and unified messaging.

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