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Your contact center will, most probably, be your primary business communication channel, and for some organizations this is the only one. IP based contact centers of today are the nucleus for multimedia communications and interaction between staff, vendors, clients and other commercial partners. They are becoming powerful means of client relationship management and help you to differentiate in respect to competition in the market.   

The selection of the right solution for contact center is a critical competitive and productivity factor of many companies. Capability of adjusting you client interaction strategy and your communication technology presents a crucial factor in success and quality determination of your services towards the clients. We are capable of comprehending this more than others. Our long term experience and acquired knowledge due to successful data center implementation, professionalism of our experts and our integration capability put us in the unique position from which we are able to assist you in creating a powerful interaction platform made by measures of your business needs. Many companies do not provide required visibility in order to adopt client’s requests. Later on, the installation of one contact center with small number of agents can be the cause of hundred lost calls. The knowledge of relevant data on the number of client’s calls which are internally transferred, information on the fact if sufficient resources are available in the periods of enhanced traffic and the advantages that contact center offers by reducing response time, facilitates adoption of solution optimizing interaction in the company and instantly connects the client with an appropriate resource. Simultaneously the search for the right compromise between achievement of quality improvement results and reduction of the load on resources. 

Cisco Solutions:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is easily implemented and used, it represents a very secure, available, virtual and sophisticated client interaction managing solution for up to 400 agents.

UCCX includes:

  • Sophisticated  call routing and large number of  i contact management capabilities
  • E-mail, web chat and social media integration
  • Automatic call distributor features including conditional routing , call-in queue and expected wait time  messages
  • Presence integration  in order to increase caller satisfaction through improved agent performance and expertize 
  • Workforce optimization including advanced quality management (WM and AQM)
  • Historical i real-time reports and dashboards with flexible presentation  options using  Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • A mobile skill manager feature that helps enable skill management on the go

Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) offers intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network to desk top computer telephony integration and multichannel contact management over an IP infrastructure. It combines multichannel automatic call distributor with IP telephony in one, unified solution. This facilitates your company to rapidly deploy a distributed contact center infrastructure. 

UCCE provides:

  • Delivery of each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the company
  • Comprehensive customer profiles using  contact-related data
  • Segmentation of clients and monitoring of resource availability
  • Routing to the most appropriate resource to meet customer needs and conditions
  • Presence integration to increase caller satisfaction through improved agent performance

With UCCE you can easily integrate inbound and outbound voice applications with Internet applications. These include real-time chat, web collaboration, email and social media. This integration helps single agents support multiple interactions simultaneously, regardless of which communications channel the customer has chosen.

Each interaction is unique and may require individualized service. For this reason Cisco provides contact center solutions to manage customer interactions based on almost any contact attribute.