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Security challenges within the mobile communication era are getting bigger and it is necessary to apply security policies based on the role for network resources access. Identity management, device and customer visibility are very much needed, as well as sharing and analysis of the context in which the activity is being done. Along with more and more complex network environments, “Internet Things” phenomenon and all kinds of devices accessing private and public networks, a potential damage, due to impossibility to identify and mitigate threats, is growing exponentially.  

Cisco network architecture that is built to manage the identities of users and devices, and provides mechanisms for the security of end to end is shown in the figure below. The main component of this architecture is Cisco Identity Service Engine.



How does Cisco identity Service Engine work?

It works as an authenticating mechanism, recognizing the user, issuing policies to the user with certain privileges, certain permissions. It has information on who connected to the network, how did the user connect, from which device, at what time.