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Video surveillance systems, nowadays, experience noticeable transition from analogue and specific systems to open, digital systems, based on IP technologies and IP network as the platform. This transition is accelerated due to limitation of transition systems and possibilities provided by IP network as the platform in the sense of cost reduction, new possibilities of video surveillance, bud also due to special values obtained from easier and better operations of services alone and people who are responsible for physical security.

Video Surveillance Software

Software for video surveillance systems should be firm and stable, with integrated security mechanisms and it must, without any compromise, provide the following:  


  • Broadcasting and transmission, monitoring, recording and surveillance system video stream management in real time. 
  • Flexibility and scalability based on open standards and with support for various devices
  • Operation in data centres virtual environments without performance degradation
  • Simple and easy use


Please refer to detailed software information and specifications for video surveillance systems of leading world manufacturers. 

Cisco® Video Surveillance Manager (ENG)

Intelligent Security Systems SecurOS (ENG) (RUS)

IP Cameras and Applications

Professional digital IP cameras are intelligent video surveillance platforms and they have to respond to environment challenges, but also possess superior technical characteristics and work performances – resolution, compression quality, IO possibilities, local storages, small energy consumption…… 

Modern IP cameras include fixed or portable (PTZ) cameras with housing in the shape of a box, cupola or projectile, with mega pixel picture resolutions, cameras that are supplied through IP network and have to support operation in extreme environmental conditions- temperature, humidity, shocks, and vibrations.

Choose your camera! Look for more details about IP camera models and comparative characteristics of IP camera leading manufacturers

 Cisco Systems, Pelco, AXIS,

Our solutions also include advanced solutions of IP network infrastructure and technologies, which drastically reduced implementation time, give intelligent information on the status and video stream performances and are capable of adjusting and automatizing network infrastructure. You can find more information on Cisco® Medianet technology here.

Applications for IP cameras are ready- made commercial software applications which can immediately be installed on cameras and exist as: 

  • Applications of audio analytics, which allow IP camera to start the event based on recognised sound pattern which is analysed (shot, shouting, glass breakage…)
  • Applications of video analytics enable IP camera to perform different analytical and numerical functions, or to detect activities and behaviour according to pre-defined rules
  • Open script applications allow IP camera to start random script applications written in LUA programme language
  • Application SIP client enables IP camera to receive and send audio and video as SIP client in the system of IP telephony

Details on available Cisco applications for cameras and their properties can be seen here.