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Video analytic is, currently, applied in all activities, from trade and tourism, through banking to industry, critical infrastructure and public areas. Depending on the application, different video analytical functions are used, out of which the space video analytics is most widely spread in the sense of detecting entrance of persons and vehicles in the protected zone, staying in the zone, detection of abandoned objects, movement in unauthorised direction or similar. 

These simple, analytical functions can be, nowadays, accomplished by camera containing an integrated software for video content analysis and which can be adjusted for performing a certain action. 

Our video analytic solutions on end devices- cameras use Cisco Video Analytics a set of software applications and Cisco IP cameras as a platform for executing video analytical tasks.

More complex functions, like: face recognition, register plates recognition, traffic regulation and identification of railway coaches and containers, are most frequently done by special software made for that purpose.

Our solutions for complex problems include supreme software products of company ISS - Intelligent Security Systems and evidentially provide high accuracy and negligible number of falsely positive results. 

SecurOS TRAFFIC SCANNER detects in real time the most frequent traffic offence types

SecurOS AUTO is an intelligent module providing algorithms of automatic register plate recognition

SecurOS CARGO is an intelligent module providing recognition of marks on cargo containers on trucks and cranes in ports.

SecurOS FACE provides mechanisms of face recognition and identification in real time

SecurOS TRANSIT is an intelligent module providing mark recognition on railway waggons, tankers and train platforms

Please have a look at succesfull implementation presentations of supreme ISS video analytics solutions for the following challenges:

Urban security

Traffic Regulation and Monitoring

Railway Transport Security

Port Security and container recgonition. CARGO