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Communications in public and private physical security systems present a crucial factor for successful problem overcoming and finding solutions in critical situations. Communications must be instantaneous and reliable without limitations in respect to method and technology of communication.

We have a solution for a complete IP based dispatching solution possessing lots of options and ways to connect the right people at the right time, at the most difficult moment. Scalable and cost effective manner to provide quick and reliable communication no matter to the device that they have- IP phone, desktop, mobile, UHF/VHF radio. We are able to give interoperability and new possibilities to your, existing equipment. In the basis of this solution is Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) product, providing all stated functionalities.  Details on Cisco IP communication solutions and interoperability can be seen here.


Services in charge of physical security , usually , need a simple device for instant oral communication like  PTT- „Push To Talk“ device – a traditional mechanism connected to radio communication, which , at the push of a button , enables instantaneous broadcasting and radio communication with a correspondent.  Thanks to IP technologies, we, nowadays, have the possibility of such service simple realization with existing IP telephones, Wi-Fi phones, mobile phones and radio devices. Cisco Instant Connect is a solution which connects people at a push of a button and reduces mobile communication costs. How? See here.