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IP network, as a platform for technical systems of physical security, eliminates limitations in reference with traditional analogue systems and provides much more possibilities, reducing costs while increasing security, efficiency and control

Modern solutions of electronic access control imply the system with software and hardware components enabling and supporting the following: 

  • Distributed architecture
  • Door to door implementation and access control management as an IP network device
  • Network service use  – PoE supply, NTP time synchronization , …
  • Integration with human resources data base or corporate directories
  • Openness  and possibility  of integration with other security systems  (video surveillance system, anti-theft systems, interphones, …)
  • Simple use and maintenance 

Our solutions imply supreme scalability form one door to one hundred doors with fixed cost per door and implemented technology and products of leading world manufacturers

Cisco Systems i HID Global.

Access Control Hardware

Access controllers are hardware components, which must provide modular and scalable connecting of RFID or electronic readers, electric locks, sensors, digital inputs /outputs to the system. Controller represents a link between a digital and physical world. Detailed information on network controllers used by us , can be seen on internet pages of manufacturers for HID Vertx/Edge controllers or Cisco Physical Access Gateway controllers  and their additional modules  Cisco Physical Access Reader Module, Cisco Physical Access Input Module, Cisco Physical Access Output Module.

RFID readers of cards and tags that we use in solutions can satisfy all your needs. They can also provide flexible and comfortable use and improve security. Readers can support one or more reading technologies (low-frequency, high-frequency) and different credentials from which they safely read information- cards, RFID, tags, smart phones, etc. 

More detailed information on HID readers i RFID reading technologies can be found here.


HID biometric readers allow reading of biometric parameters in the authentication process.

Cards and credentials imply physical and virtual credentials supporting various high-frequent, low-frequent, open and specially patented HID security reading technologies. By use of supreme HID technologies, all customer requests will be meet, and there is a large selection of products - HID cards, HID RFID tags, HID mobile access. .

Access Control Software

Access control software must provide controller managing, access rules implementation, customer administration, issue and personalization of cards and credentials, monitoring activities, as well as integration with other systems and data bases.

Cisco Physical Access Manager is access control software application that satisfies all stated requests, it supports operation in virtual data centre environment and offers supreme scalability and modularity.