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The unified LAN, the backbone of every service deployed, is the local foundation of modern IT customer infrastructure. Transferring unified services - voice, video, data - in a fast, intelligent and efficient manner is imperative in the design, implementation and operation of modern LANs.

Traditionally observed LANs are conceptualized at three basic levels - access, distribution and central. Each of them has modern solutions that COM-4T has to offer to its users.


Access switches provide the ability to tailor your network to the requirements of the business and application services you offer. With the convergence of wired and wireless LAN environments and their control from a single platform, we are able to offer a wide range of distributed services with implemented security, application and programmable features.

With the introduction of Cisco ONE (Open Network Environment) technology, the unified LAN access layer is enabled to implement software-defined network (SDN) features that represent the future of the networks and services that exist within it.

LAN Compact Switches offer implementation in limited wired and structurally cabled systems, with unique quiet fanless feature.

At the distribution and central levels of the LAN, performance and reliable switch chassis are required, with scalable expansion capabilities in terms of service modules and network services that can satisfy any business. High availability is a standard at these levels of the network that must be met. The COM-4T solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies and are fully aligned with validated and proven design solutions of modern LANs.

Data centers with physical and virtual network environments are a separate infrastructure category in which COM-4T with Cisco solutions offers exceptional products that are scalable, continuously available and flexible in terms of network traffic. All solutions are closely implemented with leading virtualization vendors - VMware, Hyper-V, XEN Citrix, KVM…

What can COM-4T do for you?

  • Revision and mapping of the current LAN access network
  • Analysis of all necessary processes and business requirements
  • Planning a new LAN access network
  • Creating a diagram of the LAN access network
  • Proposal of infrastructure solution
  • Implementation of the LAN access network
  • Upgrade the LAN access network
  • Implementation of the Network Monitoring System
  • Maintain an access LAN network