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LAN network, the backbone of each implemented service, presents a local basis of modern IT customer infrastructure. The transfer of integrated services- voice, video, data- in a fast, intelligent and efficient manner, presents an imperative in respect to design, implementation and operation of modern LAN networks.

From a traditional point of view, LAN network is conceptualised in three, basic levels: access, distribution and central. On each of these levels there are solutions that company COM-4T can offer to its Customers, and these solutions are based on solutions of companies Cisco and HP.

Cisco access switches offer the possibility of adjusting your network to business requirements and application services that you offer. By convergence of wire and wireless LAN environments and their control from a unique platform, we are able to offer a wide selection of distribution services with implemented security, application and programmable functions. By introducing Cisco ONE (Open Network Environment) technology, the access level of integrated LAN network gets the possibility of implementing  the software defined network functions which are the future of networks and services which are existing in it. More information on products offering describe characteristics can be found at   – Cisco LAN Access switches

LAN compact switches offer implementation possibilities in the conditions of limited wire and structurally cabled systems with unique characteristic of cooling funs nonexistence (fanless) – Cisco compact LAN switches

Highly performable and reliable Cisco switch chassis are necessary on distribution and central LAN network level, with possibility of scalable enlargement in the sense of service modules and network services that can satisfy requirements of each and every business. High availability is a standard on these network levels, which, certainly, must be satisfied. Solutions that are included in COM-4T offer, are based on Cisco technology and in full compliance with validated and proven design solutions of modern LAN networks, – Cisco core/distribution switches

Data centres with physical and virtual network environments are a separate infrastructural category, in which company COM-4T with Cisco solutions offers exceptional products that are scalable, permanently available and flexible regarding traffic transport. All solutions are closely implemented with leading virtualization vendors of today – VMware, Microsoft, XEN Citrix, KVM

More information on data centre physical components and famous Nexus switch line – Cisco DC switches

More on virtual components of network environment can be found at – Cisco virtual networking

HP solutions of LAN networks that we offer are scalable, performable and, pricewise, affordable to customers, who base their information environments on products of this vendor – COM - 4T HP PORTFOLIO