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Software defined network (SDN) is a modern architecture with the meaning in the existence of dynamic, manageable and adaptive concept , by which a high- bandwidth network is provided  and that is needed for today’s applicative services.

SDN concept is based on separation of logic managing control of traffic send (control-plane) from the logic that is actually doing traffic transport towards its destination (data-plane). Also , there must be a mechanism providing communication between stated  logical entities- and here we come to currently topical solutions which  COM-4T can offer to its potential customers- firstly in the form of Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) solution, and secondly in the form of VMware NSX platform providing SDN functionality.

Cisco ACI infrastructure is intended for data centers and applications existing within. A model , according to which , an application intelligently  requires certain operating resources from network, is satisfied by introducing SDN and policies on all levels- starting from network, server infrastructure, storage and further on to security aspects. The ACI solution itself is based on interoperability with all leading vendors that are present in actual data centers, on all levels, as well as on open standards of OpenStack type.

Physical architecture implies use of Cisco Nexus 9000 switch series which can easily fit into existing network, data center environment of the customer. The whole concept is based on the existence of highly available and reliable network on 2 levels – Spine and Leaf.

COM-4T, a VMware enterprise partner, offers the possibility of SDN design and implementation, based on NSX platform of this vendor. Exactly as in the case of ESXi hypervisor products, where this vendor provided server visualization, a network virtualization is provided by NSX platform, and along with it, a SDN platform, as such. Virtual networks are programmable provided regardless of existing hardware beneath them – everything is solved in the software and there are no physical components that are introduced by NSX platform.

NSX introduces the whole logical components line of future SDN based network, in the form of necessary switches, routers, firewall, load balancers devices, as well as the adequate VPN and QoS functionalities. Integration with the existing and third-party products on network and security levels is accomplished through standard and open API, hence the existing infrastructure remains in function, as it has been until now, but now, it is just getting “smarter”!

What can COM – 4T do for you?

  • Review and analysis of the existing network infrastructure
  • Analysis of all necessary processes and business requirements
  • Planning a new SDN
  • Creating a diagram for a new SDN
  • Proposal for a network solution
  • Implementation of the SDN
  • Upgrading the SDN
  • Maintaining the SDN