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WAN network provides network services and LAN interconnections on a global level, and as such, it is a natural environment for advanced devices which must ensure optimal applicative experience, reliable services and a high security information structure. 

COM-4T Cisco solutions on WAN level satisfy potential customer needs regarding IT environment in every way – whether it is about remote locations (branch), or it is about central or service provider environments. Highly successful ISR G2 router series (1900, 2900 and 3900 series) has got its successors in the form of 4000 series of routers which are highly performable, scalable and reliable in their operation. Intelligent WAN environment, obtained by implementation of these solutions offers multiple benefits to customers in respect to reliability, optimal traffic transport security of the highest level. More on stated Cisco manufacturer models and their characteristics can be seen at official web page – Cisco routers

Comparative overview and portfolio of actual Cisco router solutions in the form of PDF document is available HERE.

HP FlexNetwork routing solutions are consistent solutions based on open standards. Highly performable, scalable and with high automation grade, these solutions reduce network complexity and TCO (Total cost of ownership). Integrated services offered by HP MSR device series provide the customer with simplicity on one side and advanced, integrated services on the other side, no matter to their size. More information on complete HP solutions portfolio it to be found on official manufacturer’s internet page – HP routers