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Data center environments of a physical of virtual shape must enable simple management, configurability, reliability and consolidation, in order to justify their cost efficiency. The task to accomplish that is given to a system software which is in there…

Data center system software is its program core and in that respect , company COM-4T represents solutions of proven leaders in this field - Vmware, Microsoft, Citrix Xen i Linux KVM.

Through its steady partnership with company VMware on the level of infrastructure and business continuity, we developed data centers from a simplified to a very complex level.  All tools that are included in this vendor’s current offer found their implementation in some of our customer’s environments- whether it is about a simple consolidation of an existing server environment, or , it is about complex projects of primary and secondary  (DR – Disaster Recovery) sites. VMware offers wide selection of their products through an adequate licensing. Their most popular product on the virtual infrastructure level is, by far, VMware vSphere in editions: Essentials, Essentials plus, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise plus. To such an environment, VMware Site Recovery Manager, as a solution in business continuity, finds complete implementation and facilitates this kind of business to system administrators of business environment. VDI infrastructure (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) i.e.  desktop visualization is a special solution dealing with reduction of financial and administration costs through scalable environment of employee work places.

Company Microsoft with its HyperV environment, presents yet another optimal solution, especially for customers basing their business on this vendor’s applications. Their flexible licensing way in virtual environment, high grade of implemented functions over the same, and reliability, find implementation in current data center environments. 

By its XEN hypervisor solution, companies Citrix i Linux KVM present options for customers that are more in favor of Linux tools in their data center. Both software solutions offer certain possibilities in virtualization with one, common goal – to create a reliable and consolidated virtual structure, based on existing „open source “tools.