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Storages of data center infrastructures represent the central place of large data amount storing and processing and for them the redundancy, access speed and scalability are the imperative…

Whether it is about the ordinary disk collection (JBOD – Just a Bunch of Disks) or it is about an advanced functional storage system, a special attention must be paid to its designing and implementation. Company COM-4T possesses necessary experience in designing and configuration of very complex integrated storages that are to be found in data centers of our customers. We are capable of providing solutions based on the offer of our partner companies – EMC, IBM i HP.

EMC storage systems portfolio is really wide and it, among others, includes the following series: VNX, VNXe, VPLEX, VMAX, Isilon, etc. All systems are characterized by quite smile configuration, large number of advanced functionalities, scalability and variety of communication ways with the system - NAS, iSCSI, FC, FCoE. In addition to these solutions, it is also needed to mention the Recover Point system for data replication, by which you can simply and easily realize primary and secondary data center for the needs of your IT structure recovery. Also, there is a very popular Data Domain solution for the needs of archiving, recovery backup, with very high grade of deduplication.

Company IBM, acting through its own and OEM distribution channel through company Lenovo, offers to customers its view of storage place realization in the form of accessible Storwize 3k, 5k i 7k systems, as well as solutions intended for large Enterprise environments in the form of DS8000 and IBM XIV storages. Especially interesting is the way in which IBM, on its larger platforms, offers possibility to virtualize your existing data storage in the way that it is configurable and controlled through one management point- IBM interface. Of course, very well-known Tape data archiving systems are something by which this vendor has been famous for a very long time.

HP storage systems have been present in our services portfolio for a very long time, and the following specially stand out: 3Par solutions, HP MSA storages for small and medium enterprises, Store Virtual SDN (Software Defined Storage) systems for highly scalable virtual environments.  StoreOnce Backup system is in charge for archiving and backup with complex and innovative federal deduplication. This vendor also offers tape based archiving systems through StoreEver Tape solution.