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Server systems of modern data centers must be highly performing, reliable and scalable devices having resources capable to satisfy demands of virtualized environments by their resources.

COM-4T offers to its customers the solutions of renowned server system manufacturers – Cisco, HP and Lenovo (ex IBM server line).

Cisco integrated server systems represent something quite innovative in hardware infrastructure area that can be implemented in your data center. Optimized in respect to processor, memory, I/O communication and internal storage, C-Series of servers represents the right choice for most of currently present services that can be virtualized. In case that flexibility and scalability are included in your primary idea leading you in the process of selecting future server system of your data center, then B-Series of blade based chassis is the right one for you.   M- Series of server systems is innovative modular chassis intended particularly for application services optimally behaving when operating with several smaller compute elements, that, as of recent, can, of course, be scalable entered into this device series.  Especially interesting  blade device E-series uses Cisco  integrated service routers  (ISR – Integrated Services Router) for its fitting in the form of separate modules which are already ready for operation in a virtual environment and for receipt of essential applications which they use – most frequently in separate or protruding places of your business ( Branch Offices). Such, powerful server versions come in the combination with unique management software on Fabric Interconnects devices, which, at the same time, provide network connection to stated systems in the form of: Ethernet, FC, and FCoE or iSCSI communications. The selection of  I/O module in the form of virtual interface cards or standard copper and/or optic ports is huge, thanks to established partnership with the following companies:  Broadcom, Emulex, Intel, LSI, QLogic …

HP server systems are designed by intelligence of data center optimization and thy provide performances which are needed to a wide spectrum of cloud based applications. HP Converged infrastructure gives the possibility of constructing a reliable business platform along with investment protection through scalability.  All of this is provided by HP Proliant hardware line through micro, tower and rack chassis. Blade systems of this vendor (c7000) also provide benefits and performances that are needed for critical services of current data centers.

Lenovo offers advanced THINK innovations to satisfy the needs of customer growing business. ThinkServer Next Generation systems offer standard solutions meeting the infrastructural requirements of modern business systems and are ideal for hosting, network and storing virtualized environments.  The following series stand out:  Thinkserver RD350, RD450, TD350, RD550 i RD650.

By acquisition of IBM System X server line, this vendor’s future products are enhanced by new  System X tower  and rack servers, x86 Blade centers and advanced x86 Flex chassis. Innovations in respect to System x, including X6 and NeXtScale platforms, which move the boundaries of the known and server improvement range, can assist you in transforming your business so it complies with the most strict requirements in respect to its operation. Server generations x3650 and x3550 M5 are ideal for applicative environments of business critical type. For general needs of your business, there are servers offering large storage spaces without affecting the performances, which are x3630 and x3530 M4 generation models. By using SMB business series x3250 and x3100 M5, simple solutions in the shape of implementation shall be obtained, which perfectly fit to IT budget of these customers.