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Organizations are, nowadays, using all possibilities of modern technologies, hence increasing their productivity and customer satisfaction. Current information-communication systems are global, open and flexible in order to achieve business goals. Such a way of conducting business, without the appliance of adequate control security measures, involves various security risks which can endanger tangible and intangible values of organization.  

Risks can be reduced if control security measures are implemented, in layers and thoroughly. Such security measures include complex technical systems which, themselves, can be vulnerable, due to technical or human error.

COM-4T assists the customers by determining, through a controlled and detailed process of technical security assessment, the presence and quality of implemented control safety measures within the infrastructure, applications and organization, as well as their compliance with standards and laws. 

As a result, the customer obtains a rich and detailed report of Technical security assessment containing concrete recommendations and activity suggestions, according to priority, which will, by implementation, enable the customer to reduce security risks level.

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