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The infrastructure supporting business operations must, functionally, satisfy all requirements which are set in present and are to be set in future. This is a difficult task which must be timely resolved by organizations and IT departments in order to make their organization capable of responding to all business challenges which are placed before them.

COM-4T process of technical infrastructure assessment determines and assesses whether a customer infrastructure complies with functional requirements of business.

COM-4T offers the experience and expertise, hence, assisting the customers to comprehend the properties of their infrastructure, through a detailed report and within the following areas:

  • IP  connectivity , routing protocols and IP package commutations
  • Wireless network analysis – analysis of quality and signal reliability, signal coverage and network capacity
  • Applications – is the infrastructure and how is it in compliance with requirements of specific business applications? 
  • Capacity – are and how are the capacities of existing network, computer or storing resources in compliance with organization needs?
  • High availability – are there  and what are redundant network paths, redundant knots for data processing or storage spaces managing
  • Management - which technologies are used for management of organization infrastructure?  

COM – 4T after detailed analysis, presents you with a detailed proposal for a complete infrastructure solution.