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  • Realization of business goals through efficient IT management
  • Use of advanced knowledge
  • Expert’s consulting
  • IT costs optimization


Consulting in respect to implementation of regulations, security measures, designing, preparation of specifications, solutions and recommendations, capacity planning.

COM-4T renders consulting services based on engagement of expert engineers from various IT areas. The consultancy services result reflects through the following:  

  • Implementation of regulations
  • Compliance with international standard requirements
  • Designing
  • Performance of technical requests and specifications
  • Capacity planning
  • Resources planning
  • Improvement of processes and actions within the information system

COM-4T renders consulting services in the area of basic IP network infrastructural functions in order to optimize and improve basic functional efficiency of your information system. Also, in the purpose of planning, functionality improving and potential problems identifying, in respect to your data centre operation, with special reference to more efficient resources usage, security, redundancy and reliability increase. Our team of certified engineers from the area of integrated communications offers advices and assistance to consumers, in the area of IP based systems, enabling actual multi-media services realization (oral communication, transfer of data, image and video, applications, etc.). The business communication improvement and long term cost reductions are achieved by this service.   

COM-4T offers you consulting services in physical security area, with special emphasis to policies, procedures and tools for prevention of unauthorised access to equipment, plants and facilities. By engaging COM-4T experts you obtain suggestions for existing video surveillance systems and access control improvement, as well as consulting services for the purpose of right security solution selecting.

ISO/IEC 27001 consulting

Company COM-4T pays special attention to the security of information systems. Professional team of COM-4T engineers offers you consulting services regarding technical and organizational IS security control. COM-4T offers consulting services in ISO/IEC 27001 international standard implementation, representing the acknowledged best practice norm regarding the whole information system security measure set. 

Most organisations, nowadays, share their information by implementing modern information technologies. Information security is of the at most importance in the era of commercial and state computer networks increase, as well as internet economy development and electronic business operation in general. Unbreakable security challenges have the highest priority in every organisation using information technologies.

One of the key problems that the organization management faces is the fact that for the purpose of achieving a complete information security, it is not sufficient only to provide and implement appropriate technical protection systems. Without an adequate implementation of information security management system, that assumes not only technical but also organizational and managerial safeguards, there are good preconditions that IT security costs are to be considered as a failed investment. The opinion that IT security is more of an organizational and managerial than a technical issue, has been generally accepted, nowadays.

Information Security Management System is a systematic approach to information resources management for the purpose of their security regarding confidentiality, availability and integrity. Information security incudes much more aspects then protective barriers (firewalls) or signing a contract with a security company. This is a complex set of measures and activities, highly integrated into business environment and business goals, in order to achieve an optimal protection level for each and every business system element. ISO/IEC 27001 standard contains 114 review security measures. This is a highly coordinated mechanism of managing your own property, equally facing the environment, as well as, the threats from within. In addition, this system must, also, include appropriate evaluating, self-protecting and documenting methods, as well as constant improving and reviewing processes.


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