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Cloud services imply the renting of needed IT and communication infrastructure, as well as necessary services, without additional investment into self-infrastructure, employees, while presenting by far more cost efficient and more represented form of business than a traditional one. Cloud services present an ideal solution for companies in demand for services, but the ones that are neither willing to make larger capital investments, nor to employ new employees in order to deal with maintenance and management of a new infrastructure. The Cloud is a flexible, safe and economical solution for all enterprises in need for favorable and safe solution for their environment.



COM-4T Cloud services function on the principle of payment only for the resources that are needed by the user. There are no unnecessary costs of equipment purchase, costs of transportation, storage, additional space providing, as well as supporting equipment and human resources costs. Services function on the principle of selecting services and equipment which are necessary for enterprises.  They represent an excellent solution for companies in need for more efficient implementation of new and modern IT services , by which they will improve their business procedures and enable more efficient business activities. 

COM-4T enables you to have, at your disposal, the most modern and the most flexible IT system without substantial investment and without significant complications to follow.


Safety in the cloud, implies availability (accessibility to authorized persons), integrity (non-infringement of integrity) and reliability (confidentiality, security against theft). Safety in the cloud must comply with these basic requirements, but it also has to meet the following specific requirements: network security  against malicious outside activity, transaction security within data center and between the user and data center , platform safety, and/or software applications, protection of data saving and storing and compliance with rules and regulations. Due to an adequate COM-4T logistics and highly-qualified staff, user’s data and applications’ safety is guaranteed. In addition to all before stated and the fact that infrastructure framework is based on Cisco Systems network – security solutions, you can rest assured that your services are in good hands.


The need for investing into information structure increases with your business operation growth, but with cloud services you additionally buy as much resources as you need. Unlike to the purchase of new, expensive, hardware solutions, with the cloud, you expend your resources exactly in the amount that you currently need. Full flexibility reflects in the possibility to increase resources at any time- no need for “storing” currently unused resources.


The team of COM-4T engineers has constantly been developing and certifying pursuant to global ICT trend development, thus providing expertize, along with thorough and deep knowledge of technology. Certified experts are 24 x7x365 available to users, taking over the complete care on platform operation by themselves, so as to enable the users to successfully deal in their business activities. 

COM-4T IaaS and HSaaS services

C4T IaaS

IaaS and HSaaS are fundamental cloud computing service models offered by COM-4T to its users. IaaS represents computing infrastructure based on virtual platform in the form of a service. Instead of buying servers, software, and data space networking equipment – you can use everything before mentioned in virtual service form. IaaS represents a fast and easy way to increase company IT resource capacities without initial investments and with low costs, or to rent them completely. The user does not have to think about expensive equipment purchase and maintenance, as well as about finding an adequate place for its placement. It also does not need to think about purchasing licensed software for the equipment. 

More details on this service can be found in COM-4T IaaS brochure.



COM-4T WSaaS – Control and Protection of Web Traffic

The web is the most popular target of Cyber criminals’ attack. Solutions as firewall and anti-virus are not sufficient any more, due to the fact that tools and methods used by criminals are changing and improving, which makes their identification and prevention much more difficult. Malware (malicious codes) get integrated into frequently used user documents as Word, PowerPoint, PDF and, after that, they get transferred by false mail messages and through Web sites. The best solution for this problem is COM-4T HSaaS - Hosted Security as a Service, which reduces total capital investments into ICT infrastructure, while simultaneously increasing security and enabling a timely corrective reaction.

Web solution is developed on a global network and it is offering an efficient protection from advanced and targeted threats, where the network is constantly monitored, as well as reputation of files and identification of threats. Cloud web security is based on Cisco Systems Ironport solution and it is dealing with web traffic control, categorization of web sites, statistics of service usage and control of access to sites.

More details on this solution can be found in COM-4T WSaaS brochure.


COM-4T ESaaS – Control and Protection of Mail Traffic

Within the past 20 years, the e-mail became a business communication framework. Nowadays, over 100 billion business e-mail messages are exchanged daily. Protection of e-mail communication has become one of the most important aspects within information security area. Mass spam campaigns are not the only worry any more- spam and malicious software are only one part of a complex today’s picture , which includes new threats and risks in respect to information security of companies and organizations.

COM-4T ESaaS solution for electronic mail security is based on Cisco Systems Ironport solution and it offers protection within high availability regimen , against dynamic threats which get rapidly changed and endanger business activities

More details on this service can be found in COM-4T ESaaS brochure.


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