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DM DROGERIE MARKT is one of the one of the largest drugstore chains in Europe. In Serbia, present since 2004 , to over 59 stores in 21 cities across Serbia . The growth of the business over the years led to the need for a central warehouse complex of 3840 square meters. The user required a network that should provide reliable and available service data , high performance in challenging radio environments such as warehouses .

The proposed solution is a local area network designed in a wired ( Fast Ethernet ) and wireless ( Wireless LAN), the technology according to the specifications in the standards IEEE 802.3 and 802.11 is based on Cisco technologies. In addition to L2, L3 switches and routers, the main part of the proposed network makes 802.11 wireless network ( Wireless LAN ) consisting of a controller area network ( Wireless LAN Controller ) and a wireless access point ( Wireless Access Points ) .

Detailed case study can be found in PDF.