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Tigar Tyres AD, part of the global Michelin Group, a conglomerate producing rubber in the true sense of the word. In accordance with corporate policies and standards User has decided to implement an advanced VoIP system last generation who will simultaneously provide reliability, development of new services based on voice and video, and scalability for the future.

Solution designed and implemented by COM-4T is the state of the art - Cisco Unified Communications Manager. With over 700 IP phones in the system this is one of the largest VoIP environment in Serbia. Complete redundancy of all the levels of every component of the central system is imperative and was achieved using a high-availability cluster at the level of the VoIP PBX and multiple outputs to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The savings in operations have been observed very soon after the end of the project. An additional benefit are implemented GSM gateway devices that provided multiple savings in the form of mobile communication.

Detailed case study can be found in PDF.