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Financial sector

COM-4T is specialized in providing secure and integrated IT solutions in the financial sector. Security, communications, customer care, increasing sales and reducing costs are some of the business problems we are successfully solving. This is an excellent opportunity for existing customers to evaluate our commitment and flexibility.

Energy sector

The expert team of the company COM-4T with its long experience in voice technology has proven expertise and commitment. That is why COM-4T is responsible for VOIP communication system of the company NIS (Nafna Industrija Srbije). NIS is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in Southeast Europe. Its principal activities are exploration, production, and refining, sales and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products, as well as the implementation of energy projects.

In Serbia, NIS owns a refining compound, with two units, one in Pancevo and the other in Novi Sad, an LPG production unit, as well as a network of petrol stations in Serbia and the neighboring countries. In accordance with the long-term Strategy providing for the expansion of business outside Serbia, NIS has expanded its business operations to the regional markets: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Commercial sector

Our team of certified engineers in the field of unified communications provides users with advice and assistance in the field of IP-based system that allows for the realization of current multimedia services (voice communication, data, images and videos, applications, ...). This service improves business communication and reduces long-term costs.

Industrial sector

Manufacturing companies represent an important part of successfully implemented projects COM-4T company. The projects were implemented to enable savings business, increase efficiency, and increase network scalability. Support has been brought to the highest levels, in order to increase overall business and enable savings in resources.