What Cisco Umbrella brings to your business? | com4t

The fast – paced life, as well as the daily obligations we encounter, can be tiring, stressful and sometimes very exhausting. In those moments working from home is the best option. But, as in the office there is a problem in information security.

In the modern world information security is one of the key factors of every organization. Cisco Umbrella will raise the security level to the highest level. Enriched with the newest security mechanisms that operate at the DNS level, it will identify potential security risks and prevent attacks before they even happen.  Cisco Umbrella allows us to raise the security and make work from home what it should be, mitigating circumstance. Providing security at the DNS level, Cisco Umbrella helps us a front line in defending from the malicious attacks.


What makes a relief is that the administration is simple. There is no longer need for any update because Umbrella will do it automatically for end users.

Based on the cloud platform Cisco Umbrella uses a large database history with attacks and using those statistics it can respond before the attack occurs, providing your business secure in everyday work.

Umbrella provides security wherever you are. The monitoring system will give administrators insight into the activities of network users from wherever they access the network.

This product can be fully integrated into SD – WAN environments, effectively protecting your customers across all branches of your business. It will also protect your applications from all security risks on the internet.

Umbrella Security Web Gateway checks the web traffic for full transparency and URL control and protection against malware. Umbrella uses IPSec tunnels, PAC files, and proxies to send traffic to a Cisco cloud – based proxy and in that way blocking traffic from unwanted security risks with policies.