We introduce you Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers | com4t

As technology has progressed, so has the demand. Daily advances in the field of information technology have raised users’ expectations to a much higher level.

At home, at work, in a cafe, at the airport, in a bus, there is always a popular question “What is your Wi – Fi password”. As there is a need for increasing access points with enough bandwidth for every user, there is need for their maintenance and management.

Cisco offers an advance solution with their Wireless Controllers. The latest 9800 series bring higher throughput better security, stability, capacity for large number of users. Bug fixes, software upgrades and more can be done without interfering with the daily work of the user.


The 9800 Series come in multiple models, with up to 6000 access points, with 64000 users and cloud deployment features.

  • Catalyst 9800 – L – up to 250 access points and 5000 users with throughput 5 Gbps,
  • Catalyst 9800 – 40 – up to 2000 access points and 32000 users with throughput 40 Gbps,
  • Catalyst 9800 – 80 – up to 6000 access points and 64000 users with throughput 80 Gbps,
  • Catalyst 9800 – CL – up to 6000 access points and 64000 users with cloud deployment features.

With many users, it brings a large amount of traffic on a daily basis, which is a challenge for information security.

Cisco DNA Assurance gives us insight into the functionality of the network, recognizes attacks and leaves enough time to eliminate them. It gives your business the security when doing your everyday work.



COM – 4T is at your disposal to analyze and find the right controller model for your business.