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Cisco Catalyst 9100 access devices are devices that support the new wireless networking. The so-called Wi-Fi 6 generation.

Wi-Fi 6th generation wireless networks will continue to have their core function - connect your devices to the internet, only this time they will do it much faster, with a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps.

As this speed represents a theoretical maximum that you will probably never reach in your business environment, the real speed is 72 Mbps, which is again a far better result than the existing generation 5. The theoretical maximum of 9.7 Gbps does not have to be used by a single device. This flow can be spread across the entire network of devices, which would mean potentially higher speeds for each device.


Cisco Catalyst 9100 access devices exceed Wi-Fi 6 standards. With these access devices, you get all the standards-based features, from higher capacity to improved delay and far more efficient power consumption, but you get more than that. Cisco Catalyst 9100 access devices are resilient and intelligent while providing integrated security for mobile and IoT devices. They provide your network with superior connectivity and quick detection of all potential threats and attacks.

If your network environment is demanding and you need the stable performance provided by the Wi-Fi 6 generation, then the Cisco Catalyst 9100 landline device is a perfect hit. Pair it with a Catalyst 9800 Series wireless (Wi-Fi) controller to maximize network capacity and bring functionality to perfection.

As each network requires a high level of security, the Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series provides you with the security of your environment by launching options such as Secure Boot, the Cisco Trust Anchor module, and thus protecting your users, devices and infrastructure.

When the Cisco Catalyst 9100 is paired with Cisco DNA software, your network will work intelligently for you. Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Devices give you much better analytics and greater efficiency.


The devices that come to us in this series are:

Cisco catalyst 9130 (Wi-Fi 6 certificate)

Cisco catalyst 9120

Cisco catalyst 9117

Cisco catalyst 9115

Four radios: 2,4 GHz (4x4), 5GHz (8x8 and 4x4), Cisco RF ASIC and BLE/IoT

Four radios: 2,4 GHz (4x4), 5GHz (4x4), Cisco RF ASIC and BLE/IoT

Three radios: 2,4 GHz (4x4), 5GHz (8x8 and 4x4) and BLE

Three radios: 2,4 GHz (4x4), 5GHz (4x4) and BLE

Cisco Flexible Radio Assigment and Cisco CleanAir technology

Cisco Flexible Radio Assigment and Cisco CleanAir technology

Supporting OFDMA and MU-MIMO

Supporting OFDMA and MU-MIMO

Internal and external antena

Internal and external antena

Internal antena

Internal and external antena