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The development of technology has allowed attackers an unlimited number of opportunities to carry out their attacks, therefore, the solutions in charge of guarding the network must operate continuously and develop protection systems so that they detect both already known and newly created types of cyber security attacks in a timely manner.

Attacks need to be studied and detected constantly, and Cisco Talos can help you as the most famous global provider of cutting-edge cyber security. As such, Cisco Talos provides instructional data to all Cisco security devices and teaches them how to protect the network from newly detected attacks. The main advantage of this type of protection and what sets Cisco Talos apart from others is the huge amount of security network devices that provide Talos with data on detected threats, but also on hitherto undetected threats. There is a lot of Cisco security devices on the market, and therefore Talos has the most data on threats that these devices have delivered to Talos, so based on them, it can most accurately and effectively provide other devices with data on emerging threats and attacks and instructions on how to protect the network.

The main mission of Cisco Talos is to provide confidential and scalable defense technologies and techniques that help customers protect their information systems quickly and in a timely manner. Their job is to protect your network.

"Visibility, Intelligence and Response"

Cisco security ecosystem includes email, network, cloud, web, end devices, and everything in between. Cisco Talos boasts the highest and deepest visibility on the market due to data collected from their Security devices which are the most represented of all vendors.

This unique visibility brings a much better response resulting from the data collected during attacks from a large number of points around the planet. All this, using open-source platforms and vulnerability databases, creates a huge amount of threat and attack data that is suitable for analysis and on the basis of which security systems are developed at high speed and then passed on to all Cisco security devices very quickly.

The key difference of Talos is the ability to react. With a broad portfolio of security systems, responding to threats within your network is simplified by automatic system innovation, and customizable patches all the way to the "Talos Incident Response" better known as "Cisco Incident Response" which provides a full suite of proactive and reactive services to help you to prepare, face, and recover from an incident.

The power of Talos is in all previously created products in the field of IPS, Firewall, DNS, Mail Security and other security systems that protect your network. Cisco Talos collects data from all these devices around the planet and adds to it all the data collected by partners who also generate a lot of attack data and all that combined with data from open-source platforms allows Cisco Talos to analyze vectors of new attacks and quickly protect all others.


More than 350 employed researchers, analysts, developers and engineers are working to develop protective patches created by analytically collected data across the planet non-stop. Cisco Talos users benefit from complete protection with the intelligence that Talos provides to defend against attacks. Cisco Talos also regularly publishes newly discovered attacks and threats, thus spreading global awareness of attacks to everyone and not just Cisco users. Communication channels with users are realized through many portals such as Talos blog, Snort and ClamAV.