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The increasing popularity of the so – called open spance concept brings companies with certain requirements. Good things include communication between employees, but there is a lot of sound around which disturbs concetration when we need it or that we can’t hear the caller in the middle of a call. Cisco offers a headset with the ability to isolate the sound and transform the open space concept into your personal office.

Whether you are on the move or in the worksplace, Cisco offers Bluetooth, wireless, wired headset solutions. Adminstrators can upgrade the software of all headsets without disturbing the employee. They can also gather information who uses them, how often and in which period of time.

Depending on the requirements, we choose which model is right for you. Whether your headset is for a call center, whether you are a frequent traveler or out of the office, how often the headset will be used. Cisco delivers modern craftsmanship, durability and reliability.

One of the factors when choosing a headset is the microphone. Cisco offers the possibility of a microphone built into the headset itself, which provides relief and will not interfere with everyday work.


Side volume adjustments, sound isolation activation, build quality, additional options as well as comfort are what makes the Cisco headset stand out.

COM – 4T is at your disposal to help you find the best solution for your business.