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All business processes of COM-4T are part of an integrated management system: quality - ISO 9001, Information Security ISO / IEC 27001, environmental protection - 14001, health and safety at work - OHSAS 18001. The basis of our integrated management system is the analysis of the requirements of all stakeholders, the identification of objectives to stakeholders, defining indicators of realization of objectives, monitoring performance, realization of improvement measures. Risk management is systematically integrated into all business processes integrated management system for the purpose of aheiving all requirements of Integrated Managemant System polocies.


Our primary interest is the fulfillment of requirements. We solve all the requirements specified by the user, but also non-standard requirements that the user has not expressed, but which are generally accepted or are the result of regulations and normative documents and strive to constantly increase customer satisfaction, and these are all organizations that use information and communication technologies in the basis of his business.

We offer products from manufacturers who are either leaders in their work either thay produce top quality products to represent informal industry standards in its field.

Our team of professional engineers, in the framework of technical support for the products and solutions we deliver, provides various types of support in the shortest possible response and with full commitment.

According to our suppliers nurture and develop advocacy and system integration and / or distributor paretnerski relationship. Ongoing training of employees in order to follow modern tendencies in our field of business. All our experts have the required expert knowledge of the latest confirmed a number of necessary certificates for their work. All employees are characterized as expertise and reliability, and full loyalty to the COM-4T.

Continuous improvement of business processes is a priority task of the management com-4T. All work accepted by COM-4T are planned in accordance with specified requirements and contractual obligations and continuously reviewed with constant communication with customers, and finally subject to appropriate verification and validation.

To provide and deliver, with a guarantee, but what it really necessary for the lowest price for an acceptable level of functionality and reliability.
Build and improve recognizable Code of Business Conduct established, modern principles. Our primary resource information. Application of organizational - technical control measures, systemic risk management in order to prevent security incidents.

We are fully committed to injury prevention and endangering the health of its employees, contractual collaborators and visitors, as well as the continuous improvement of the system of managing the health and safety and its effectiveness.

All employees and management in the COM-4T are defined in the prevention and elimination of environmental pollution and contributing to the protection of health and safety at work, in order to:

  • Identify all aspects that have and that may have an impact on the environment in order to prevent its pollution
  • Ensure awareness of the hazards and risks arising from the performance of registered activities in the framework of the COM-4T, which will continuously carry out hazard identification, assessment and control of risks
  • Been saving resources and energy, reduce or eleminisali use of harmful substances and controlled acted with waste
  • Provide healthy and safe workplace, with an inclination of zero level of risk to employees, contractors and visitors
  • Operate their business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on environmental protection and in the field of occupational health and safety, as well as other internal and external requirements in these areas with which the organization agreed
  • Evaluate the compliance of an integrated system of environmental management and health and safety at work with the regulations with which the organization agreed to improve the integrated system
  • Considered the opinions and suggestions of stakeholders and inform them about their own commitment to environmental protection and health and safety at work
  • The general objectives of integrated management system are:
  • Delivery of products / services within the agreed quality, scope and time limit
  • Increase customer satisfaction,
  • Request for the technical support in defined time frames,
  • Ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information DC Initiative,
  • Eliminating the negative impact on the environment.
  • The zero level of injuries at work.
  • The zero level of lost time due to injuries at work.